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The United States’ love affair with ice dates back to the 19th century. Having ice in your drink was a status symbol and only those able to afford an icebox could indulge. But now that freezers are in every household, is there a reason why people are particular about the type and quantity of ice in their beverages? Let’s look at the history of ice, how it is part of our food culture and why it’s important to be serving the cleanest ice in your foodservice establishment.


No one is exactly sure when ice became so popular in the US, but it is agreed upon that it started in the 1800s and was advanced by Frederic Tudor. After spending some time in the Caribbean, Tudor decided to try his hand at exporting ice to hot regions. By getting free ice from the lakes of northern states and perfecting the shipping method, Tudor was able to make ice available to consumers who didn’t have access to their own ponds or didn’t live in colder climates. 

But it took a few factors, such as the icebox and the railroads to get ice into everyone’s home. Even before electric refrigeration, houses generally had a small icebox and towns had an icehouse to store large blocks of ice for preserving food. And the railways, and later trucking, made getting ice to far destinations quicker and more accessible around the country. Helping to increase its popularity and the expectation of Americans that they have cold drinks.


Ice has become so much of a part of American life, that the Food and Drug Administration has designated it as a food product and includes ice in its FDA Food Code. Like any other food, ice can be contaminated and cause foodborne illnesses. According to QSR Magazine, ice machines that aren’t kept clean can spread microorganisms like Salmonella and E. coli to customers. A full sanitization of your business’s ice machine should happen twice a year, while daily and monthly maintenance is encouraged as well.


Providing your customers with the cleanest, clearest ice is much easier when using a Follett®  ice machine. Manufacturing innovative ice storage bins and ice and beverage dispensers, Follett incorporates automation into their products. Helping your staff save time and money. 

Follett Ice

From their Remote Ice Delivery Equipment (RIDE) that automatically fills your dispenser from a location up to 75 feet away to semi-automatic cleaning cycles and energy-efficient machines, Follett ensures your customers receive easier to chew, slower melting ice that is always sanitary and ready to consume.

Provide your customers with ice from Follett -  schedule time with one of our experts today, for a free foodservice consultation to help you upgrade your facility.

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