Scheduling A Live Demo In The PMR Test Kitchen

It’s hard to purchase new commercial kitchen equipment. Making sure the equipment works well for you and your team, in addition to the costs involved, can make many people hesitant to upgrade. But here at PMR, we know that visiting our training center and attending a live demo event can help you feel comfortable that you’re making a suitable investment for your foodservice business. 


Visiting our Bernhard Training Center in Lawrenceville, Georgia, not only allows you to get hands-on experience with the equipment that you’re considering but also allows you to meet with our Executive Chef Will O’Kelley. A culinary arts student of the Art Institute of Atlanta, he has over two decades of culinary and foodservice experience and is passionate about helping operators transform their business through innovative equipment.

Chef Will can provide knowledge about each appliance and also give perspective on menu development that you want to try out while using the kitchen. And while it's hard for him to nail down a favorite piece of equipment in our kitchen, the Blodgett Combi ovens and the CTX infrared conveyor ovens are ones he really enjoys.

The center is large enough to seat up to 50 people and has two large-screen monitors to show presentations allowing you to bring your kitchen staff with you if you’d like.


PMR Test Kitchen

Representing numerous commercial kitchen equipment manufacturers allows us to show you a wide variety of tools, including beer and beverage systems, dishmachines, holding equipment, robotic vending machines, refrigeration, ovens, prep tools and fryers. The training center is set up with both gas and electrical hookups to allow you to test the exact equipment you’ll be using in your kitchen. There’s a prep center with plenty of counter space, dishwasher, refrigeration and a coffee beverage station.


PMR is here to help you find the right equipment for your foodservice operation. Chef Will can cater a live demo, cook your menu items and focus on your business's needs. By showing the versatility in the equipment, he'll open your staff's eyes to what else can be achieved with each piece of equipment. 

Our expert team has hundreds of years of experience in the industry and can answer any questions you may have. For over 50 years, PMR has been proud to represent the finest foodservice equipment manufacturers in the South, and we’re excited to share them with you and your staff. 

Our Bernhard Training Center and test kitchen is open to food service professionals in Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi, Arkansas, Tennessee, Georgia and the Florida Panhandle. So if you’re involved in the school, restaurant, healthcare or bar & beverage industries, we’d love to host you for a live demonstration.

Are you ready to discover the best equipment in foodservice and test it out for yourself? Click below to schedule your demo today!

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