Achieve Perfect Baked Goods Every Time With Baxter and Hobart

Baking fresh batches of bread, flaky pastries, and celebratory cupcakes that are social media ready and capture customers’ attention is a skill that every baker strives to achieve. The first steps to having baked goods in the case that people stand in line to enjoy? Having Hobart Legacy+ mixers and a Baxter Rotating Rack Oven in your commercial kitchen.


Baking is a science, and part of that science is getting enough air incorporated into the ingredients, which helps with the dough rising and creating structure in the finished baked product.  Another critical step is making sure all elements are entirely incorporated into each other. Nothing is worse than biting into a piece of cake and getting a bite of baking soda. Stirring batter by hand or with a mixer without enough power can impact many parts of the baking process.

The Hobart Legacy+ maximum heavy-duty mixers can thoroughly mix anything yourHobart Legacy+ Floor Mixer kitchen comes across, from delicate egg whites to dense bread doughs. The Legacy+ allows the mixer to get up to 30% more mixing capacity with features such as maximum capacity overheat protection and variable frequency drive. It also has an easy to remove, dishwasher bowl making for quicker clean-up and sanitization. Available in countertop and floor models, there’s a Legacy+ for every kitchen.


Once those ingredients are mixed just right, it’s time to bake. Having enough room for your trays is just as important as having the right oven to give a consistent bake. Designed for large volume cooking, the Baxter Rotating Rack Oven has a patented steam system to provide bread with more volume and crispier crusts.

Baxter Rotating Rack OvenThe advanced digital controls can store up to 99 recipes to time, temperature, fans, and steam output for consistent bakes and less staff oversight. Helping to make batch baking easier, no matter what’s in the oven. With multiple rack options, viewing windows, and easy loading and unloading your staff will be able to work on other tasks without constantly opening the oven, helping with maximum heat retention.

Using the right bakery equipment can get you on the way to baking the best cakes in town. Schedule time with one of our experts today, for a free foodservice consultation to help you upgrade your facility.

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