Serving the Best Draft Beer on St. Patrick's Day

Nothing says St. Patrick's Day like beer in the United States. While Guinness is the beer most associated with the holiday, having a variety of brews on tap, particularly craft beers, can help a bar or restaurant succeed.. And with Perlick dispensing solutions, it’s easier than ever to get beer in customers' hands quickly on March 17 and all year round.

History of Beer and St. Patrick’s Day

The holiday began in Ireland with religious gatherings and feasts to honor Saint Patrick on the anniversary of his death. Even though the event occurred during Lent, alcohol and food restrictions were set aside, which began the tradition of drinking on St. Patrick’s Day. Today's celebrations in the United States include plenty of corned beef and cabbage, Irish soda bread, and green beer, while in Ireland, it retains some of its original, family-focused roots.

Serving Beer at the Right Temperature

Contrary to popular belief in the United States, beer doesn’t always have to be served ice cold. In fact, beers need to be served at the right temperature for their style. That’s why pours of cold Guinness or warm Budweiser are a recipe for disaster. 

So what temperatures are best for serving beer on St. Patrick’s Day? 

American Lagers

Between 33-40 degrees Fahrenheit

Nitro Stouts

Between 40-45 degrees Fahrenheit 

Stouts and Porters

Between 45-55 degrees Fahrenheit

Belgian Dubbels

Between 50-55 degrees Fahrenheit

Not only does beer drink better when served at the right temperature, thus benefiting the customers. There's also a reason for the operator. Excess foam can result from beer temperatures that deviate too far from the ideal dispensing temperature, which is like pouring profits down the drain for bar owners.

Commercial Beer Dispensing Solutions From Perlick

Keeping perfectly temperature beer flowing on St. Patrick’s Day is an important part of the celebration. That’s where the Perlick Craft Beer Dispensing Systems come in to assist. 

What glycol-cooled remote beer systems, beer lines can be several hundred feet long, allowing keg storage in coolers farther away from the bar. This works particularly well in stadiums, arenas, and casinos. For smaller locations, the air-cooled beer system, which utilizes the cold air of a beer cooler, and the direct draw dispensers, which give a cost-effective alternative to long-draw systems, ensure that every pour is at the right temperature every time.

Make sure your beverage business has a happy St. Patrick's Day. Click below to learn more about how Perlick can help.

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