Blast Chilling to Manage the Holiday Rush

As the holidays fast approach, foodservice operators need to know how to handle the influx of customers and orders. The end of the year can present many unique challenges, including how to keep ingredients at the right temperature, even during busy periods and meal rushes.

Fortunately, a commercial blast chiller can make the difference between food sitting in the danger zone or not, and Thermo-Kool has some of the best models in the industry.

Commercial Kitchen Holiday Rush

A fully occupied restaurant or foodservice facility brings in more revenue for the company. However, crowded dining spaces put additional strain on the kitchen workers, especially in terms of food safety.

When employees enter and exit a walk-in cooler, they may unintentionally increase the temperature, which hinders food's ability to cool. Warm air becomes trapped inside, and cold air escapes whenever the door opens. 

Normally, this exchange isn't a problem, but when it happens dozens of times in a single shift, it's much easier for food to reach the danger zone. Even without the doors opening, some walk-ins are not equipped to cool items down fast enough. 

So, everyone must be mindful of how they handle food during a holiday rush. This time of year can also bring unique challenges, such as new menu items, ingredient shortages, and higher customer expectations. So, operators must utilize every tool they can to rise to the occasion and deliver consistent quality with each dish.

How Blast Chillers Enhance Operational Efficiency

A commercial blast chiller from Thermo-Kool can alleviate many issues plaguing foodservice establishments at this time of year. While a chiller can't handle every aspect of food preparation and delivery, it makes it much easier to keep everything at the right temperature.

This machine is designed to cool hot foods to a safe temperature much faster than a traditional walk-in. Because the machine blows cold air, it works far more efficiently and helps reduce waste and spoilage. This way, operators can utilize every ounce of their ingredients as intended.

Benefits of Blast Chillers for Holiday Events

Because demand is high during the holidays, operators have to squeeze as much productivity out of their kitchens and staff as possible. Blast chillers can expedite most of these processes to ensure better product quality and customer satisfaction.

For example, a commercial kitchen can prepare more food in advance to alleviate the pressure of a lunch or dinner rush. Since large batches of ingredients will stay at safe temperatures, workers can spend more time on cooking and presentation than prepping.

It is difficult to overestimate the piece of mind that a blast chiller provides for operators. Food deterioration and bacterial development are no longer concerns due to the abundance of moving elements and probable crisis scenarios.

Introducing the Thermo-Kool Blast Chillers

While blast chillers are nothing new to the foodservice world, not all machines areThermo Kool created equally. Thermo-Kool has been developing high-tech refrigeration equipment for over 60 years, and the brand is constantly pushing the limits of what can be achieved.

Not only do Thermo-Kool Blast Chillers outperform the competition, but they're built to last and are fully customizable. So, operators can choose the model that's right for their needs. Thermo-Kool provides versatility and flexibility, whether they want to install a brand new walk-in or add a blast chiller to their existing equipment.

Traditional walk-in coolers can take upwards of three or four hours to reach the right temperature. During busy periods, it takes even longer, meaning that more foods are at risk of being in the danger zone. Thermo-Kool blast chillers cut down the wait time, allowing employees to work more efficiently and worry-free.

Plus, with rising food costs, operators need to manage and minimize waste as much as possible. Blast chillers are an easy and effective way to prevent spoilage, strengthening even razor-thin bottom lines.

Is your foodservice business ready for a blast chiller? Start our equipment assessment to find out:

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