Healthcare Foodservice Made Easy

Foodservice in healthcare wears many different hats. It heals those who are ill, brings comfort and provides nutrition. It also involves the ability to serve food in multiple locations.

Making sure foodservice in hospitals, rehabilitation centers and long-term care homes is efficient can be a struggle without the right equipment. Here are some tools that will make healthcare dining easier and smarter.


Preparing, cooking and serving food at the proper temperatures takes precise timing. Some facilities have hundreds of meals to be delivered, making the distance between the kitchen and patient rooms longer. Being served a meal at the incorrect temperature is a disappointment and can affect the taste and quality of the food.

Dinex has several options to keep food at the appropriate temperature. Their High Heat Reusable Trays supports retherm applications, keeping the hot side hot and the cold side cold. The trays' sturdy design, along with raised sides, helps with spillage and cleanup issues.

PMR Dinex Thermal Tray

The freezable Cool Base keeps salads crisp and fresh for up to 90 minutes with an insulated lid. And the Insul-Base, used with a Dinex insulated dome and a heated China plate, will keep foods hot for up to 45 minutes. Allowing healthcare facilities plenty of time to get food from kitchen to patient for a better dining experience.


Giving visitors and staff healthy, on-site food options after cafeteria hours is hard. Vending machines don’t have a reputation for providing nutritious, filling meals since most items need to be highly processed to be stored. Even during business hours, some people prefer to salad or grain bowl where they can select their toppings, which isn't readily available during the age of COVID.


Enter Chowbotics' vending robot, Sally.  A turnkey solution to providing fresh food, Sally provides airtight refrigeration that makes sure ingredients are protected. Customers select from menus created by Chowbotics or by your facility’s chefs and choose available toppings to customize their meals, allowing for healthy food served smartly any time of the day. 

PMR understands how important healthcare foodservice is to patients and staff alike.

Schedule time with one of our experts today, and get a free healthcare  consultation to help you upgrade your service.

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