Increase C-Store Profits With Panasonic Commercial Microwaves

With customers spending only a short amount of time inside convenience stores, it’s important to get them served quickly. Especially since the majority of profit that c-stores see comes from sales inside, not at the pump.

How can you be sure to keep customers satisfied and purchasing? By providing food and beverage choices that can be served quickly but are also satisfying and will inspire repeat business.


With customers looking for higher quality hot options in their c-store selection, offering a variety of menu selections is important. Convenience stores are now offering a wide selection of options, including breakfast foods like sandwiches and oatmeal, hamburgers, and burritos. Having a Panasonic heavy-duty microwave to cook food will speed up service without compromising food quality. Easy to use, Panasonic microwaves have programmable memory pads. They're also stainless steel inside and out, making cleaning easier on staff as well. 


Coffee has become one of the most popular drinks in the country. According to the National Coffee Association, seven out of 10 people drink coffee once a week. And that number doesn’t change when the weather does. Many convenience stores are offering hot coffee as an LTO during the summer months and finding great success. A lot of that hot coffee is espresso-based drinks. 

Studies by the Specialty Coffee Association show that of all the coffee served in the USA, the majority is gourmet coffee, with espresso-based beverages making up close to 50 percent of those drinks. However, espresso-based drinks don’t have to be limited to specialty shops with trained baristas.

Offer your c-store customers the food and coffee drinks they're craving. For more information about Panasonic, request a FREE foodservice equipment assessment. 

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