Two To-Go Tips For Keeping Takeout Food Hot, Fresh, and Ready

The days of COVID-19 have left the foodservice world in a whirlwind of making changes, monitoring state and local regulations and hunting for the next best solution to keep operations up and running. As the months have flown by, innovative solutions and trends have populated all across the nation. From the grab-and-go experience to curbside pickup, foodservice operations are finding a balance between convenience and reliability during the stressfulness of the pandemic.


During these uncertain times, many consumers are still finding safe ways to venture out and shop with their favorite retailers and restaurants. Having options like curbside pickup or delivery has been a gateway for helping battle struggles with mental health throughout the pandemic. With many people working from home or feeling the burden of isolation, takeout opportunities have been a blessing in disguise for both foodservice operations and customers seeking a few moments outside. 


One turn-key solution to the unprecedented adventure we've all been experiencing is heated food lockers like the food holding lockers from Hatco Corp. As an answer we never knew we needed, heated food lockers have been a reliable option for many. In larger cities or college towns, they've given students, faculty and staff a way to indulge in contactless ordering. The lockers provide a safe and accessible way to continue ordering hot, fresh, and ready-to-eat dishes from the local gems. Each locker offers a chance to separate meals by individual order so that customers can feel comfortable in picking up their favorite food from their favorite restaurants. 


  • Easy to clean and removes the risk for cross-contamination with contactless pickup. 
  • Provides a sense of security for customers, giving them full transparency.
  • Cut back on labor costs, reducing the need to staff the 'pick-up' counter.
  • Limit congestion in an area, cut back on long lines and focus more on the grab-and-go experience.


Normal pickup routines have felt like a strenuous process for the last 12 months. From adjusting to suggested options like curbside pickup or diving into the world of delivery services, it's been a highly stressful exchange. Fortunately, options such as insulated carriers have made major waves in the foodservice industry. With customers that want to feel a sense of normalcy by eating from their favorite restaurants but still maintain a sense of caution, these carriers have been groundbreaking. The Carlisle Cateraid Insulated Food Pan Carrier keeps food fresh and (mostly importantly) hot for up to 6 hours. 


Offering reliable service, providing the ability to deliver fine dining, and so much more - insulated carriers have been a way to return that enjoyable sense of connection from foodservice operations to consumers. This carryout staple has been great for maintaining business operation while safely separating food and continuing to make way for restaurants to stay up and running. 


  • Offers the ability to manage and maintain temperature to better preserve the quality of a dish from the time it leaves the kitchen until the time it reaches the customer.
  • Allows you to store food at both hot and cold temperatures for up to 6 hours.
  • Handles make it easy to carry and transport.
  • You can cater to larger orders or multiple orders without worrying about the food quality diminishing. 


Are you searching for innovative ways to optimize and streamline your takeout food process? Have you been trying to adjust and adapt to the current times but been unable to find successful solutions to keep customers coming back? We've got you covered.

PMR knows all about restaurants, and how to optimize the take-out and delivery programs in the age of COVID-19. Click below for a free consultation, where we can share our knowledge with you.

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