Ventless Cooking With TurboChef and Perfect Fry

Are you interested in having the ability to cook anywhere you can set up a kitchen? Or not have to worry about the expense of putting in new ventilation? What about being free from costly yearly hood inspections and maintenance? All of this and more is possible for commercial kitchens using Perfect Fry fryers and the TurboChef Ventless Double Batch oven.


With a cost of tens of thousands of dollars, installing fire suppression systems, hoods andPerfect Fry _PFA_Front ventilation for traditional ovens and fryers can be very expensive for some foodservice businesses such as bars or concessionaires. With ventless cooking options, those concerns and costs no longer exist. 

Going ventless means not having to worry about smoke, grease or odors filling up your kitchen. Ventless ovens and fryers use built-in filtration systems, eliminating food by-products before they hit the air, so there’s no need for hoods to be placed in the ceiling above the equipment.


Having a smaller kitchen is a new trend for ghost kitchens and other eateries to help save on rent but having a small place to prepare food doesn’t mean it has to limit your options. Ventless ovens allow places like schools with sports events, bars without full kitchen capabilities and smaller theaters that want to serve hot concessions to offer food to their patrons and help create additional income for the business. 

Have some extra counter space or a location in the corner of your facility you feel is wasted space? Both the Double Batch oven and Perfect Fry fryers can be installed in places you never considered you’d be able to cook or fry. Both can be placed in smaller spaces while still producing good portions of food quickly, all the while increasing revenue. 

Perfect Fry ProfitStory

Perfect Fry fryers have no downtime between batches. Using its Rapid Cook feature, food gets served quicker because there’s no time to wait for the oil to heat back up to temperature between orders. Able to cook appetizers like calamari, french fries, onion rings and wings, Perfect Fry fryers allow venues to serve a variety of fan favorites. 

TurboChef’s Ventless Double Batch oven also has short cook times for pizza, toasted sandwiches and even roasted vegetables. With two cooking cavities that are independent and allow for different cooking temperatures, you’ll be able to cook and serve customers with ease.


The goal of every kitchen and foodservice manager is to serve their customers well while also keeping a handle on budgets and staff labor. It’s a delicate balance that can be a struggle, especially when there are labor shortages. With the Ventless DoubleTurboChef Double_Batch_Controls_Closeup Batch cooking is simple with programmable buttons that help with consistency and make it simple for staff to cook without guessing. The Perfect Fry eliminates the need to have an employee stand over the fryer to monitor its cooking. Preset buttons allow any of your staff to load the fryer and leave it so they can concentrate on serving customers on other items that might add to their order. 

Also, being ventless means no cost for yearly fire suppression inspections or necessary hood maintenance. Staff also don’t have to worry about cleaning the hoods and maintaining the filters, saving even more money and labor.

PMR knows how important it is adding additional profits are to any foodservice business. Schedule time with one of our experts today, for a free foodservice consultation to help you upgrade your facility.

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