Take Ventless Cooking to the Next Level with Ovention Ovens


Every foodservice business is unique in its layout, volume, and labor needs. One of the most crucial components of a commercial kitchen is having the correct oven to accommodate all of these needs while still generating quality meals. All of this and more is provided by Ovention Ovens. Ovention is a made-in-the-USA, operator-focused firm where a passion for culinary quality meets revolutionary ventless technology.

Let’s take a look at how Ovention’s commitment to reliability and unique approach to ventless cooking improve operational efficiencies.

Precision Cooking

Chefs understand the importance of relying on the precision of their commercial oven to ensure food safety and quality. Unpredictable kitchen equipment results in food waste and increased expenditures. Through exceptional technology, careful design, and attention to detail, Ovention ventless ovens embody precise engineering to continuously create perfectly cooked dishes. 

Ventless ovens by Ovention employ advanced techniques like Precision Impingement®, which uses controlled bursts of hot air for uniform and rapid cooking. Ensuring consistency and exceptional culinary outcomes in your commercial kitchen to create repeat guests who will bring in new sales.

Versatility Redefined

Ovention is well-known in the foodservice business for their ventless ovens, which take the art of ventless cooking to new heights. Their ventless ovens are built for any size commercial kitchen and have transformed the restaurant and school industry. Their ovens, designed for use in kitchens of all sizes, let foodservice operators increase menu options by serving flatbreads, paninis, roasted veggies, and even desserts.

Ovention’s ventless ovens offer unparalleled versatility, seamlessly accommodating an array of culinary dishes without compromising quality or limiting creativity. Your culinary vision finds its perfect match with an extensive selection of ranges tailored to varying kitchen footprints and volume needs. Plus, kitchen operators have expert help at their fingertips. With online access to a quick quiz, it's easier than ever to find the right Ovention Oven for a restaurant, hospital, or school. 

Energy Efficiency

Precision engineering also includes energy utilization. Ovention ovens are built to be as energy efficient as possible while yet producing consistent cooking outcomes. This guarantees that foods are cooked correctly without wasting energy.

close up of a stainless steel oven in a commercial kitchen

The team at Ovention is meticulous about measuring how much energy their ventless ovens consume and ensuring it's efficiently dedicated to the food cooking process. For example, their commercial ovens feature closed cavity cooking, which keeps the heat inside, resulting in more efficient cooking and a 57 percent cook time reduction


Revolutionizing the commercial kitchen with Ovention ventless ovens can be easy and cost-effective. Experience hassle-free installation with a compact footprint, catering to restaurants and schools of all sizes, from a bustling university campus to an intimate cafe. Commercial chefs are no longer confined to the limitations of conventional ventilation systems as Ovention ventless ovens manage smoke, steam, and odors. Innovation by Ovention allows for plenty of cooking without the complexities of extensive ductwork. 

Plus, ventless ovens sidestep the paperwork-intensive permitting process required by traditional kitchen equipment installs, providing substantial time and cost savings. Furthermore, ventless cooking solutions meet foodservice approval standards across states.

Innovation at Your Fingertips

With Ovention's cutting-edge ovens, ventless cooking has arrived in the future. Their unique Precision Impingement® technology offers cutting-edge smart features like full-color touchscreens that can save up to 1,000 different recipes and cooking settings in addition to having the capacity to produce three times as much output.

Furthermore, select Ovention models introduce proprietary Auto Load and Unload technology, simplifying multitasking in the fast-paced commercial kitchen environment. It's never been easier to embrace culinary innovation with Ovention, where smart technology transforms school, restaurant, and hospital kitchens into a hub of efficiency and creativity.

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