How the Ovention Shuttle® S2600 Precision Impingement® Technology Helps School Cafeterias

Unlike other foodservice establishments, educational facilities have unique challenges and obstacles to serving students and faculty. Limited serving times, high volume output, and diverse menu selections can all be hard to overcome, particularly when a commercial kitchen uses old or outdated equipment.

Fortunately, Ovention has multiple devices that offer high-speed impingement cooking to alleviate these challenges and help streamline operations wherever they're implemented.

Meeting Culinary Demands: Addressing High-Volume Cooking Challenges in Educational Kitchens

Speed is essential when a school has to feed several hundred students in 60 or 90 minutes. School cafeteria staff can't afford to wait for slow ovens or fryers to make batches of food. Although preparation can reduce wait times, in order to meet demand during service hours, the kitchen must produce more.

Thankfully, Ovention offers multiple solutions to alleviate the stress and pressure of educational foodservice. First, their ventless cooking options allow operators to put more machinery in the kitchen. These devices can be positioned anywhere for optimal effectiveness because they don't require a hood.

Moreover, the majority of high-end ventless appliances have automated functions and a variety of cooking choices. For example, an oven may shut off automatically, or a fryer might remove the basket once the dish is cooked. These features enable workers to focus on other tasks without the risk of food waste.

Introducing the Shuttle® S2600: Ovention's Latest Breakthrough in Precision Impingement® Technology

Impingement cooking is the process of blasting hot air on food to ensure faster heat transfer and more even cooking. For educational kitchens, this process can help improve cooking times and ensure more meals are ready to go during service periods.

The Ovention Shuttle S2600 is the perfect addition to any commercial kitchen, educational or otherwise. Workers can do more without needing much extra space (or ductwork) by combining a conveyor system with a closed-cavity impingement system. Everything, including temperatures, cook times, and blower speeds, can be customized.

Even with a little kitchen space, workers can have significantly more freedom because of precise conveyor cooking.

Efficiency Revolution: Precision Impingement® with the S2600

So, what makes the Shuttle S2600 so revolutionary? It utilizes top and bottom blowers to increase speed and ensure consistency for each dish. Plus, depending on the size, one Shuttle can hold a full-sized sheet pan inside the closed-cavity oven. This way, workers can prepare larger batches in less time, even when service has already started.

Ovention Pizza Calculator image

Ovention has a pizza calculator, so operators can determine the number of pizzas they can generate per hour with a single machine. While pizza may not be on the menu daily, this calculator provides insight into the Shuttle's cooking capabilities. Similar dishes can be ready in the same amount of time, so it's easy for operators to translate the data for other options.

In addition to the pizza calculator, Ovention also has an ROI calculator to quantify the Shuttle S2600's impingement cooking benefits. Since most educational facilities are on a tight budget, they need justification for upgrading to new equipment. This calculator can illustrate the cost savings, making it easier to approve such upgrades.

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