Combi Cooking 101 in Schools with Vulcan

Operators of K–12 foodservice establishments are under pressure to ensure that the meals they offer are adaptable, cooked safely, and contain wholesome ingredients that students like. Making meals numerous times a school day is easier with a combi oven than it is with a steamer or convection oven.

Combi ovens give school kitchens more flexibility than any other commercial range can match. In K–12 schools, Vulcan Combi Ovens are the best option for achieving both financial and nutritional objectives. 

Versatility of Combi Ovens by Vulcan

By providing an all-encompassing suite of functionalities, Combi Ovens by Vulcan ensure that schools can serve growing students healthy and delicious meals quickly and within budget. Its multifunctional features provide school chefs with options to get food out during time turnaround times including:

  • baking, steaming, roasting, air-frying
  • poaching, stewing, low-temp cooking, 
  • retherming, proofing, finishing, and defrosting capabilities all in one commercial oven.

Combi ovens are engineered to increase efficiencies and give time back to kitchen staff by seamlessly transitioning between oven settings without manual assistance. Imagine your K-12 kitchen staff being able to masterfully cook tender meat, without monitoring, while also being able to perfectly crisp a batch of potatoes. It's possible with a Vulcan Combi Oven.

Vulcan's multifunctionality is a game-changer for labor efficiency because it eliminates the need for several appliances, streamlining kitchen operations and lowering labor requirements. Every dish has consistent quality and temperature thanks to precise controls and programmable settings. removing the element of guesswork from school chefs' cuisine so they can provide consistent results.

Time, Labor, Space, & Efficiency

As a school chef, reducing cooking time and having the ability to cook large batches of food is of utmost importance. It allows K-12 foodservice operators to streamline kitchen operations, ensuring that meals are prepared efficiently and on schedule, even when faced with tight time constraints.

With precise control over temperature, humidity, and time, ensuring consistent results for perfectly cooked proteins and tender vegetables doesn't require additional labor or expertise in cooking abilities. With even heat distribution and eliminating hot spots, Vulcan's Combi Ovens enhance food quality and instill confidence in school cafeteria staff.

And the space-saving solution offered by the Vulcan Combi Ovens helps schools optimize their kitchen layout, make more room for other essential equipment, and enhance overall workflow. With its compact size, it provides an ideal solution for K-12 schools with small cooking spaces. 

Safety Features & Ease of Cleaning

The Vulcan Combi Oven's automatic shut-off, cool-touch doors, and steam venting features safeguard the safety of the kitchen crew. The sturdy ovens from Vulcan are built to last and have self-cleaning options as well. K–12 nutrition directors can streamline upkeep and cleaning for busy school kitchens while maintaining cleanliness and safety standards by using simple-to-remove racks and trays.

Looking to find out more about Vulcan's Combi Ovens? Take a virtual visit to our ITW Food Equipment Group Resource Center:

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