Go Ventless with Hobart to Increase Foodservice Profits

Are you interested in having the ability to run kitchen operations from anywhere with more efficiency and less overhead? Ventless dishwashing solutions help solve labor and utility challenges.

It is possible for commercial kitchens, restaurants, and hotels to break free from expensive, annual hood inspections, and on-going maintenance. See how with Hobart foodservice solutions.


With a cost of tens of thousands of dollars, installing fire suppression systems, hoods and ventilation for traditional kitchen equipment can be very expensive for some foodservice businesses such as bars or concessionaires. With commercial ventless options from Hobart, those concerns and costs are quickly washed away. 

Going ventless means not having to worry about smoke or odors filling up your kitchen and creating a negative impact on employee and customer experiences. Ventless solutions eliminate harmful by-products before they hit the air, so there’s no need for hoods to be installed in the ceiling above commercial foodservice equipment such as warewashing machines.


Having a smaller kitchen is a new trend for ghost kitchens and other eateries to help save on rent but having a small place to prepare food doesn’t mean it has to limit your options. Ventless warewashing solutions from Hobart are affordable and easy to install in schools, sports arenas, bars, breakfast nooks, and corporate cafeterias. 

Ventless warewashing solutions from Hobart use a combination of innovative technology and energy-efficient design to help foodservice businesses increase profits. The ventless designs save on energy costs since there’s no need to maintain a separate ventilation system. 

Furthermore, Hobart's advanced technology such as automated cycle selection, fast cycle times and built-in air gap help reduce water and detergent use and costs. Additionally, the compact size allows any kitchen to maximize efficiencies and decrease operating expenses.

An increasingly popular choice for commercial kitchens nationwide looking to save money while drawing in new crowds, ventless solutions offer numerous health benefits. 

Ventless dishwashers use condensation drying technology so there’s no need for an external ventilation system to exhaust air. This not only reduces the amount of energy used but also improves indoor air quality. Ventless technology also uses a sealed system that prevents the release of pollutants and allergens that can lead to health issues. In addition, they use less water, making them more eco-friendly than traditional dishwashers.


The goal of every kitchen and foodservice manager is to serve customers high-quality and beautifully plated food without increasing employee hours and staying on budget. It’s a delicate balance that can be a struggle, especially when there are labor shortages. 

Hobart’s ventless warewashing solutions provide a great way for commercial kitchens to reduce the demand for labor. The machines use high-pressure jets of water to quickly and effectively remove food particles and other debris from dishes. This reduces the time and effort needed to manually scrub dishes, allowing staff to focus on food prep and (maybe) organizing the walk-in. 

Additionally, Hobart’s technology uses less water and energy than traditional dishwashers, resulting in lower utility costs for the kitchen. Ventless innovation helps to reduce the need for labor in a commercial kitchen too! Stubborn food is easily washed away, and these durable machines are capable of washing large quantities of dishes in a matter of minutes. Talk about a significant time savings! Otherwise, your staff would be wasting valuable time manually scrubbing dishes. 

As an added benefit, Hobart equipment is easy to install and requires minimal maintenance.

Going ventless means no cost for yearly fire suppression inspections or necessary hood maintenance. Staff also don’t have to worry about cleaning the hoods and maintaining the filters, saving even more money and labor.

PMR knows how important it is adding additional profits are to any foodservice business. Schedule time with one of our experts today, for a free foodservice consultation to help you upgrade your facility.

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