2022 in Review and A Look into 2023

The 2022 word of the year here at Professional Manufacturers Representatives may very well be Abundance. We sincerely wish it meant an abundance of egg-laying hens for upcoming holidays well known for large brunch crowds (we can help with that!); our growing team of foodservice experts has more than a dozen things to share.

Sharpen those high-carbon stain-free steel chef knives. You don’t want to miss this dish.

Looking Back at 2022

Last year was heated in commercial foodservice technology and service. PMR handled the rush of emerging technology in the industry with confidence and class, just like a well-seasoned maître d' in any of the amazing restaurants in America’s southeast states

The fast-paced nature of the food and beverage industry does not have a waiting list. And while we are eager to join our customers and colleagues looking to put 2022 on the back burner, it’s still important to pause and smell the bread baking.

For example, thousands of our manufacturers, partners, and end users accessed free commercial foodservice resources created by the five-star team here at PMR. 

Here’s a quick delivery of the top-rated commercial food resources that were hand-picked for foodservice operators at schools, restaurants, healthcare facilities, and food and beverage chains.

- Renovating Your K12 School Cafeteria: Considering a school cafe remodel? PMR’s school foodservice team created A+ cliff notes to help school districts with this assignment. Duke Manufacturing and Palmer Hamilton make it feel like a cafeteria remodel is actually recess (we’ll bring the kickball). So crack open this blog for school districts thinking about cafeteria renovations.

- Creating The Best Fried Shrimp Po' Boy For Mardi Gras: Mardi Gras means beads, masks, parades, spicy fish, and drinks, drinks, drinks. Bartenders pouring liquid love around the world every Fat Tuesday know that the top two ordered cocktails are a Brandy Milk Punch and a Hurricane. Find out why these libations are so popular

Our Focus is Our Team

We know the top-used commercial kitchen resources from our website last year. But what’s really better than any coal-fired pizza is our team. The PMR people are why the most engaged with content on our website and social media is all about our rock star team and the successes they bring to our customers on a silver platter.

The team at PMR began in commercial foodservice in 1970 and since then continues to break the traditional food and beverage industry mold. We bring five decades of experience to the table and stay ahead of the competition because of our team’s commitment to commercial foodservice innovation.

Check out our PMR Studio Series. Specifically designed to help our customers stay on the edge of innovation, it’s goal is to connect individuals over thousands of miles and introduce us all to new people and places we've never had access to before.

Here's an example of what you can expect to see from the new PMR Studio Series:


HubSpot Video


What to Expect in 2023 and Beyond

Did anyone in the commercial foodservice industry think that 2022 was going to slow down (we hear you laughing out loud)? On the contrary, change can often lead to growth, and the last few years have shown other industries how to keep up with ever-changing technology during some of the most challenging times we’ve ever seen.

For 50 years, PMR’s team of experts has led the way in providing innovative, profitable solutions to folks across the Southeast. Our goal for the next 50 years is to continue to be that invaluable resource, no matter what changes come our way. 

So we hope that you have your aprons tied and non-slip kicks ready for the next NAFEM show. PMR is planning our own NAFEM takeover, and we’ll give you bragging rights if can remember all of our names! Don’t miss our super pack of commercial foodservice experts on the show floor or… meeting our three newest team members!

Are you ready to connect with Chef Will in the PMR test kitchen and have him come up with some unique solutions that match your own menu?   

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