Bartender Must Have Equipment For Re-Opening

With more Americans planning to travel this year and many states allowing restaurants and bars to reopen with fewer restrictions, the desire to relax and enjoy time with friends and family has increased. This means more people are ready to celebrate the summer with cocktails.

The influx of drink requests means having the proper equipment to make a standout drink and get them served quickly. Having the right tools for your bartenders can make them much more efficient, allowing your business to be more profitable.


Ensuring your bartenders and their areas are organized is the first step in positioning your establishment to have a successful summer season. It should take around one minute to make a mixed or blended drink. Any significant additional time to create a drink may cause customers to get frustrated and possibly not place other drink orders.

Perlick Tobin Ellis Cocktail Station

While organization is the first step, operators should be thinking more about zero steps as in "zero-step bartending." The fewer steps bartenders have to take to make a drink, the less time it takes to deliver it to the customer, and the less wear and tear a bartender might undergo during a shift.

Having a well-organized cockpit like Perlick’s Tobin Ellis Signature Cocktail Station allows bartenders to get drinks out quickly. Designed by an award-winning bartender and bar designer, the Signature Cocktail Station has a home for every essential needed to prepare the perfect libation. With individual locations for pre-sliced fruit, bottle wells, ice vessels, a sink and drying receptacles, the Tobin Ellis Signature Cocktail Station helps bartenders be more comfortable, efficient and maximize drink outputs. 


Being organized is essential, but what’s a summer vacation without a great frozen drink? The key to having the perfect frozen cocktail is using fresh ingredients and making sure the ice is completely blended into the drink. Both are easy to achieve with Waring blenders and juicers.

One of the newest trends in bartending is adding fresh ingredients to drinks instead of relying on bottled and pre-packaged items. Imagine the difference in taste between a mojito made with concentrated lime juice and one created with lime and mint juice freshly squeezed a few hours before.

Customers expect high-end quality drinks while on vacation, and adding fresh juice is an easy way to help make your drinks stand out. The Waring Heavy-Duty Bar Juice Extractor allows staff to extract large quantities of pulp-free juice from fruit, vegetables and herbs. Easy to clean, the extractor basket is dishwasher safe and the juicer is compact enough even for smaller prep areas.

mx1000xtx-waring-hi-power-blender-inset1Waring’s Hi-Power Blenders come with a 64-ounce pitcher allowing you to make multiple servings at once. With 45,000 RPM motor speed, you’ll get ice crushed to the right consistency, making sure drinks are always smooth. The daily and total drink counters help keep track of drinks and the BPA-free container is dishwasher safe. There’s even a sound enclosure to help minimize blender noise so bartenders can easily converse with servers and customers. 

Hot Tip:

We've worked with Waring to bring their helpful ROI Calculator directly to consumers. The Waring Commercial ROI calculator makes it easy to see just how much of a return on investment you can expect when you purchase any product in the Waring Commercial lineup, specifically based on your menu's ingredients. If you're curious, learn more info about it here. 


Perlick Mobile Bars

Many establishments are now opening outdoor dining areas to help customers feel more comfortable and provide more seating as foodservice operations get busier. Having a bar closer to newly established serving areas is easy with Perlick’s Signature Series Mobile Bars. Available in 42” and 66” lengths, the mobile bars use Tobin Ellis’s zero-step design, helping bartenders find everything they need right at their fingertips. With locking casters, LED task lighting and an ice melt drainage tank, it has everything your business needs to create a drink profit center anywhere you have space.

Ready to start the summer off serving great drinks to your customers? Schedule time with one of our beverage experts to talk about how PMR can help your business have a profitable summer. 

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