The Ultimate Guide to Griddle and Charbroiling Seasoning

What is seasoning, and why is it necessary to season a griddle or charbroiler? How long should cooking equipment last? There are actually two methods to discuss seasoning. One involves an ingredient, whereas the other uses foodservice supplies or equipment.

Seasoning a cooking surface refers to the process of using oil or fat to create a stick-resistant coating that enhances the flavor of food and protects the equipment from chipping. We'll cover everything you need to know about seasoning commercial griddles and charbroilers in this blog, including the difficulties that arise during the seasoning process and the other side of seasoning, which is how you can use spices and marinades to enhance the flavor of your favorite grilled and chargrilled dishes.

Understanding Commercial Griddles and Charbroilers

Simply put, charbroilers offer a standard slotted grilling surface, much like a home grill. A griddle is a completely flat cooking surface. Both commercial chargrillers and griddles have their place in restaurants and professional kitchens, and properly seasoning both types of equipment is key to creating high-level flavor profiles.

Often, restaurateurs and chefs want to begin using their new equipment immediately, and the seasoning process can be time-consuming. Using an oil with a high smoke point--like canola or peanut oil--can be a solid way to start the seasoning process. You'll also want to use as little oil as possible to avoid creating a sticky finish instead of a smooth, non-stick surface.


Seasoning Techniques for Commercial Equipment

After seasoning a commercial charbroiler or griddle, you should concentrate on seasoning food. If you're using a dry rub, use plenty of it and don't be afraid to add salt if your meat doesn't get enough salt taste from the dry rub. Although they need more time than dry rubs, liquid marinades may be very effective at flavoring even tough portions of meat.

You'll want to consider what you're cooking when choosing your seasoning. If you're chargrilling or grilling beef, you'll want to go with spices like basil, curry powder, onion, and rosemary. For chicken, basil is also a recommended seasoning, as well as cilantro, onion, and rosemary. If you're grilling fish, it's smart to go with dill, parsley, thyme, and turmeric. For veggies, take a cue from the meats you're serving with the meal, and season similarly.

Maintaining and Cleaning Commercial Griddles And Charbroilers

Having a properly seasoned commercial griddle or charbroiler is essential to ensure that the seasoning stays to your food and not to the griddle or chargrill. This is true regardless of the seasoning you use for your cuisine. However, a griddle needs to be more than only season before use. Throughout the duration of the unit, proper care and maintenance are required.

Keeping your commercial charbroiler or griddle clean is simple. With a charbroiler, you'll simply use a grill brush to scrape the grates. With a griddle, you'll remove debris with a scraper, then clean with oil, basically repeating the seasoning process. And always be sure to follow the maintenance schedule provided.

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