Easing The Foodservice Dishwashing Process - From Start To Finish

Whenever someone goes out to eat, whether they're in a restaurant or at an event, they want to have confidence in the cleanliness of the establishment. This includes the dishes and utensils that are used for food. Having the highest level of washing and sanitation is imperative to help keep customers healthy and happy. 

The process of warewashing in a foodservice establishment takes several steps, each of which is equally important to make sure each piece is void of food particles and completely clean. 


Pre-rinsing dishes, glasses, and utensils are important in the washing process to make sure food and liquids are removed since excess debris can clog dishwasher drains. Using a Fisher Pre-Rinse UltraSpray unit can do the hard pre-rinsing work for you. Using these industry-standard high-strength sprayers blasts away even dried-on food from dishes, starting the process of having clean dishes. 


Using the Fisher UltraSpray will remove the excess food, but while that makes it easier to clean the dishes, the washed-off particles have to go somewhere. Having a drain that can handle what you put down without leaks is important. Engineered for durability and longevity, the Fisher DrainKing uses a twist mechanism to open and close the ball valve. This twist mechanism eliminates traditional o-rings, which can deteriorate over time, cause leaks, and jeopardize your kitchen.  


Many agree that washing and sanitizing the dishes is the most essential part of the process. The Hobart commercial dishwasher is just the piece of equipment to help you clean your dishes at the hottest temperature possible. Ideal for high- volume operations, any food service establishment can feel confident that their dishes come out clean and sanitized every time they're washed.  Cleaning 200 - 300 racks per hour, a Hobart conveyor dish machine also offers a patented rinse arm spray creating larger droplets to ensure the dishes are properly sanitized. 


Drying dishes, pans, and glasses using air is critical to maintaining the sanitization that has occurred in the previous steps. Using a towel to dry them opens the potential for spreading germs that you just worked hard to eliminate. Not every commercial dishwasher comes with an internal dryer on their dishwashing machine, the SanAire Dryer is a perfect solution. An affordable way to add the necessary drying process to sanitize your dishes, this powerful dryer works  quickly while using less energy than other air dryer options. 

Ready to learn more about how your foodservice business can help make sure your dishes and cookware is the cleanest it can be? Take our FREE restaurant equipment analysis and let PMR help you out. 

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