PMR Portfolio: Heating up with Vulcan, an Introduction

Have you heard of met Vulcan, the internationally renowned manufacturer of premium cooking, holding, transporting and serving systems? The company has been practicing its unique approach to foodservice innovation for more than a century and offers an undeniably impressive range of commercial kitchen equipment.

Braising pans, griddles, combi ovens and kettles are just the start of a long list of cooking solutions from a history of excellence that has made Vulcan one of the most trusted brands in the industry. 

Everyone at PMR is excited to add Vulcan to our line list across MAFSI Regions 11, 12 and 14. Vulcan is a best-in-class cooking line that will round out the other ITW offerings which we proudly represent.” – Mary Roberts, PMR Principal


With 150 years of expertise under their toques, Vulcan’s team is dedicated to customer satisfaction and on-time delivery, always. The chef’s kiss is their persistent dedication to innovate and find new ways to improve commercial foodservice products and services. Vulcan measures its success not only by the quality of its products but also by building trust and loyalty with customers and each other. 

Midway through 1800s, the manufacture of stoves and ranges set Vulcan ablaze, and it rapidly expanded to product a wide range of industrial kitchen equipment like: broilers, ranges, steamers, and fryers. And today, through the constant evolution and expansion of technologically advanced product offerings, the company is recognized as a leader in providing innovative equipment that withstands the intense heat of a commercial kitchen. 

The quality and dependability of Vulcan's commercial kitchen equipment is highly praised by foodservice operator in hotels, restaurants, and educational institutions. And it’s no secret that clients enjoy the helpfulness and responsiveness of the highly skilled customer service team. Real-world experiences and positive online testimonials clearly show that Vulcan is a trustworthy and cutting-edge manufacturer of commercial kitchen equipment. 


Vulcan has affordable and profit-generating solutions for chefs and kitchen operators that span the worldwide foodservice industry. Consultants, school districts, restaurant chains, resorts and other commercial kitchens can serve more food quicker with less staff when working with Vulcan equipment. Check out this long list of state-of-the-art commercial kitchen tools:

Broilers and Charbroilers

Broilers and charbroilers are perfect for creating premium seared and grilled proteins for meals that attract high-paying customers and increase revenues. 

Chef Stations 

Chef stations offer a centralized location for food preparation, enabling chefs to work more efficiently and decrease wait times so foodservice staff can increase the number of tables turned each shift.

Combi Ovens

Due to its incredible versatility and ability to handle a variety of cooking methods, Combi ovens can replace other kitchen appliances and save room.

Fryers and Griddles

A staple in most quick-serve restaurants, fryers and griddles can increase profits by serving fan favorites like French fries, bacon and pancakes while also serving more customers in less time. 

Kettles and Steamers

Kettles and steamers are essential for rapidly cooking large quantities of food, reducing wait times and increasing customer satisfaction.

Ovens and Ranges

Ovens and ranges are commercial kitchen powerhouses. Providing chefs the ability to bake, roast and sauté, it’s imperative your staff use reliable equipment to ensure foods are prepared consistently and to perfection. 


Steamers allow operations to cook efficiently while preserving the nutritional quality of ingredients. The steam process also enhances food quality by providing even-cook capabilities.

Heated Holding

Heated holding equipment is perfect for keeping prepared meals at the right temps until purchase. Holding solutions reduce waste and increase kitchen efficiencies to create cost savings for QSRs, college meal programs, stadiums and many more commercial foodservice businesses. 


Vulcan's innovative kitchen solutions have a reputation for consistently rising above the competition due to its commitment to performance and reliability. With 150 years of commercial foodservice experience, Vulcan experts know the demands of busy kitchens and design high-quality, durable equipment that can withstand the test of time.

In addition, the team prides itself on manufacturing equipment that meets and exceeds industry standards. Every element of their product lines, from design and testing to production and service, clearly demonstrates their dedication to quality.

To ensure equipment quality and longevity, Vulcan's team of highly trained engineers performs rigorous testing and quality control checks on an ongoing basis throughout the manufacturing process. These measures include a team of highly trained engineers and technicians who oversee the production process and extensive testing on every piece of equipment before it leaves the factory. This level of attention to detail ensures the design of high-performance commercial equipment that increases efficiencies and customer satisfaction.

Along with a dedication to excellence, Vulcan also values sustainability in the modern foodservice industry and is pleased to provide ENERGY STAR-certified equipment.

Cook and serve clients with confidence knowing your team is using equipment that meets strict energy guidelines set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

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